Many bands would like some extra income for their band on their gig, whether it's a bar or a big stage. Perhaps they just want to contribute to charity or give another singer/ musician a chance to play with them.

Those bands come here or use our PHONE APP and THROWS A SPOT up for grabs. Artists who'd like some exposure or need experience performing GRABS  A SPOT and pay the band to perform with them, whatever the band is asking.

You may even be an already famous singer or musician simply wanting to help a local band by paying them some bucks and surprise the audience by jumping on stage with the band, OR maybe you just haven't performed in a while and wanna get back into the swing of things.

Which ever it is, GOOGABOX SPOT is the place to do this. Bands have a profile and so do you. We keep your funds in ESCROW until the gig is over. We offer arbitration in case things went wrong (See Arbitration Services)

Payment is made via PAYPAL ONLY, so you need a PAYPAL account to send/ receive monies.

We also provide a FINANCIALS page for you so you can see your monies earned and payable. Both SPOT GRABBERS and SPOT THROWERS have a ROSTER showing you your bookings pending. Bands can offer whatever they wish and charge whatever they want. For EXAMPLE: 3 songs for $200.

You as a singer or musician simply PAY the band via PAYPAL, and then contact the band through the site discussing song selection and TIME of appearance. The band may or may not want a demo from you. The band may allow you to bring a guest for FREE if there is a cover charge.

So GRAB a SPOT today and show 'em what ya got!